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It is the responsibility of all players in the All Cal Hockey League to know, understand and abide by the Rules and Regulations. Players who are not aware of these rules are not able to plead ignorance when discussing/challenging/arguing any of the Rules and Regulations. Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) Rules will be in force except as indicated below.



The All Cal Hockey League Executive consists of Fred Zdanowicz (League Manager) and John Fulton (Assistant League Manager). 

The All Cal Hockey League Executive shall chair all meetings and is responsible for ice rentals, referee coordination, scorekeeper coordination, disciplinary enforcement and general running of the league.



a)      The league will consist of divisions of eight (8) teams per division

b)      The regular season will consist of twenty-eight (28) games which are broken down into four (4) round-robins of seven (7) games which will result in a balanced schedule.

c)       The first round-robin of seven (7) games will be a seeding round. After this seeding-round divisions may be realigned so that teams which are stronger/weaker may be move to a division where they may be more competitive for the remainder of the season. An effort will be made to have discussions with Team Representatives about the potential of moving the team to a different division.

d)      The top six (6) teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. Playoffs are a modified double-round knock-out format (lose two games and you are eliminated).



a)      All arenas in Calgary have adopted a “no alcohol” policy. (Note: for Sarcee Seven Chiefs Arena no drinking is allowed anywhere of the Tsui Tina reserve). Should a complaint be filed against an individual or team from the All Cal these arenas have the right to cancel all ice permits immediately without issuing a refund for unused ice. Some arenas have indicated that the league may suspend the team in order to maintain their ice permits.

b)      Should an arena request that a team be suspended then the league is not responsible for defending the team/player that has violated this policy.

c)       Should a team violate this policy any or all of the following may occur:

a.       Team may be suspended immediately

b.      Team may pay a $500 fine

c.       The player bringing in the alcohol may be suspended for 5 games

d)      The league may refund up to $150 per regular season game to the team that abuses an arena and are suspended from the league. Refunds will be issued upon conclusion of the season. Should a team abuse an arena and the arena requests money for damages then the offending team will be responsible for paying this.



a)      Team Representatives are responsible for reporting League Executive decisions to the team and enforcing all disciplinary actions.

b)      Team Representatives must insure that all monies to the league are delivered on or before the required deadlines. Failure to make payment on time may result in teams not being invited back the following season.

c)       Team Representatives are to make sure that players names (first and last) and numbers are correct and written legibly on the gamesheet.

d)      Team Representatives are to inform the league of any player that suffers an injury and may miss and extended period of time but may return for the playoffs. This injury is to be reported within two weeks of the date that they injury occurred. Failure to do so may result in this player not being eligible to play in the playoffs.

e)      Team Representatives are responsible for and are to insure that all suspensions be enforced. If a player is caught playing under suspension then the remaining portion of his suspension will be doubled, the team representative will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) games, the team will be fined $250 and four points will be deducted for each game that the ineligible player played in. Ineligible is defined as a player being suspended, playing under someone else’s name, not meeting eligibility requirements of the league. If this occurs during the playoffs then the violating team will forfeit the game(s) that they are involved in.

f)       For any game that involves a player receiving a major, match or gross penalty that may result in a suspension the Team Representative are to report these incidents to the League Manager as soon as possible. (Note: failure to communicate incidents may result in the Team Representative being suspended).



a)      Players must be a minimum of 21 years old.

b)      A player is allowed to play on two (2) teams but he is to inform the League Manager of this as soon as possible.

c)       If a player is playing on two (2) teams in separate divisions and qualifies for the playoffs on each team he will be considered to only be eligible to play for the team in the higher division. If the player requests to play in the playoffs for the team in the lower division then team representatives in that lower division will be contacted and a vote will be held. This is to insure that the player is not classified as a ringer.

d)      A player must play ten (10) regular season games to qualify for the playoffs (excluded goalies that may be required to spare).

e)      If a player suffers an injury that may cause him to miss and extended period of time he is to notify the League Manager of the date which the injury occurred and his name will be placed on the Injury List. The injury should be reported within two (2) weeks of the date it occurred.



a)      All teams registering with the All Cal Hockey League shall submit a non-refundable deposit, said deposit to be determined yearly, with Team Representatives being notified in writing. This deposit will be the first of three installments for the current season’s league fees. This deposit is to be received by the league on or before July 15th of the calendar year of the season. The second installment will be due the Tuesday following Labor Day weekend. The third installment will be due on November 1st.

b)      Teams will be fined $50 for checks which are NSF.

c)       Teams will be charged a late fee of $25 per week until they have paid league fees in full.

d)      Teams will submit a signed Team Registration Form during the first week of league play, on the form provided, with as many signatures as possible. The final roster of 23 players, including goaltenders will be decided by the teams no later than January 15th of the current season. It is the responsibility of the Team Representatives to update their Team Roster and notify the League Office of any additions or deletions of players. 

e)      Waiver Forms – players that were unable to sign the Team Registration Form MUST sign a Waiver Form before they play their first game, or will be considered an illegal player. The Waiver Forms can be found on the league website (

f)       No player may take the ice until such time as he has registered with the League Office by filling out the appropriate documents.

g)      Any player not registered with a team (illegal player) found playing on a team after Final Registration deadline will constitute forfeiture of the game.

h)      Any team with outstanding fines and/or league fees outstanding on March 1st will not qualify for the playoffs.

i)        If using Paypal please add 3%.




a)      All players are required to wear a CSA approved helmet and chin strap.

b)      Facial protection for players is optional, but is recommended by the league.

c)       Goaltenders are required to wear a CSA approved facemask, unless approved by the league.



a)      There will be no body contact allowed other than positional play. All contact deemed to be excessive should result in minor/major penalties.

b)      Slapshots are allowed.

c)       When a penalty is called, the ensuing faceoff will be taken in the penalized teams defensive zone

d)      No Centre/Red Line for two-line pass situations. The red line will remain in effect for icings.

e)      Each team must have at least five (5) skaters and one (1) goalie to start the game. Failure to have either or both will result in a forfeited game. The goalie must be on the ice at game time, as must all five (5) skaters.

f)       If a goalie does not appear within the fifteen (15) minute wait period the game will be forfeited. During the fifteen (15) minute wait period no one except a goalie in permitted to play goal. This rule is to be strictly enforced with no exception. 

g)      If a goalie does appear within the fifteen (15) minute wait period the game will proceed but with the team whose goalie was late being accessed a one (1) goal penalty.

h)      Home team is responsible for supplying pucks for game play.

i)        The Home team will supply the scoresheet. The Home team is to supply their filled out sheet to the Away team 10 minutes prior to the start of the permit. 

j)        Team Representatives are to confirm gamesheet rosters at the end of the first period to verify player attendance. If players are not verified by the team representatives then only players with points and/or penalties may be credited with a game played.

k)      No player will be allowed to start the game after the first period has been completed regardless of whether or not he was on the scoresheet.

l)        A ten goal mercy rule is in effect will apply in all games.

m)    Teams are to have at least one complete set of matching jerseys with numbers (the base color must be the same). Teams with only one set are to contact your opponent to make sure that any conflict will be avoided.

n)      Home teams are to wear the lighter color.

o)      The Captain and Assistant Captains are to be clearly designated on the jerseys.

p)      Game times are to be 75 minutes

a.     First Period – 15 minutes stop time

b.     Second Period – 15 minutes stop time

c.     Third Period – 15 minutes stop time, where there is only 5 minutes left on the permit the referee will be signaled by the scorekeeper during a stoppage that the clock will be dropped to 2 minutes.

q)      Warm-up is to be no longer than 5 minutes. Referees are encouraged to give a delay of game penalty to teams which are not ready.

r)       Teams which fail to notify the league that they will be icing a team (no show) will be fined $250 – this going to the non-offending team. This amount is to be paid within two weeks of the date of the forfeited game. Should a team do this at the conclusion of the season they are required to pay this fine prior to be allowed back into the league.

s)       A forfeited game will result in a 1-0 score against the team forfeiting the game. All players on the roster for the team receiving the forfeit will be given credit for a game played. No players on the team forfeiting the game will be given credit for a game played.

t)       The league will attempt to supply scorekeepers for all games.

u)      In the event that a scorekeeper is not at the game, the HOME team will be responsible for supplying a scorekeeper. In the case where the home team cannot supply a scorekeeper, the game will be played running time of three (3) twenty (20) minute periods and the home team will be responsible for maintaining the scoresheet from the bench.

v)      The league will reimburse the person scorekeeping. Provide the scorekeepers contact information to the league so that a check may be sent.

w)    At the end of the game the gamesheet will be distributed as follows:

a.       White copy – scorekeeper

b.      Yellow copy – winning team

c.       Red copy – losing team



a)      Minor penalties are two (2) minutes.

b)      Double minors are considered two (2) penalties.

c)       Major penalties are five (5) minutes.

d)      A player will be ejected from the game upon receiving his third (3rd) penalty; this does not include ten (10) minute misconduct.

e)      Game Misconducts are ten (10) minutes.

f)       If a player receives a 10 minute misconduct (unsportsmanlike) in the final 5 minutes of the game this player will serve the full misconduct in the next game that he plays.

g)      Gross Misconducts are ten (10) minutes.

h)      Fighting penalties are five (5) minutes and a game misconduct - ten (10) minutes.

i)        Match penalties are five (5) minutes and a game misconduct - ten (10) minutes.

j)        Any player who receives a game misconduct must leave the ice surface immediately and go straight to the dressing room. After changing, the player must leave the arena or remain in the dressing room.

k)      No fighting will be tolerated, with a minimum 5 game suspension for the first offense. At the discretion of the referee, if an aggressor is named, an additional game will be automatically added. Second fighting offense will result in a calendar year suspension. No appeals will be permitted.

l)        Any match penalty resulting from an intent-to-injure or an injury situation will result in a minimum 10 game suspension and may result in a permanent suspension at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.

m)    Gross Misconducts will result in a minimum 2 game suspension.

n)      Verbal abuse of officials will result in a minimum 5 game suspension.

o)      Verbal abuse of an off-ice official will be an automatic game misconduct and review by the Disciplinary Committee.

p)      Verbal abuse of an on-ice or off-ice official after the game (on or off the ice) will be an automatic review by the Disciplinary Committee.

q)      The Officials Room is off-limits to all teams/players (unless invited by the officials); any infringement will be an automatic review by the Disciplinary Committee.

r)       Physical abuse of an on-ice or off-ice official will be an automatic game misconduct, minimum 15 game suspension and automatic review by the Disciplinary Committee.

s)       Any player subject to a suspension will be given three (3) days to file an appeal once the suspension has been issued. The player may NOT play in any scheduled game while the incident is under appeal.

t)       All appeals must be delivered in WRITING (including e-mail) to the league.

u)      Before any appeals are reviewed by the league, a $100 bond (check payable to All Cal Hockey League) must be received by the league.

v)      If the appeal is successful (meaning that the suspension is eliminated or reduced) funds will be returned.

w)    During an appeal should new information become available there is the possibility that the suspension may be increased.

x)      Suspension period begins the first game after the infraction occurs. Team Reps are responsible for notifying the League Office of a possible suspendable incident and are also responsible for ensuring that they player in question sits until the suspension has been served or reviewed (in the case of an appeal). Submission of an appeal may allow for the postponement of the suspension period at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.

y)      Regular season suspensions are carried into the playoffs.

z)       Playoff suspensions are carried into the following season.

aa)   Players sitting out suspensions must be recorded on the gamesheet.

bb) Any player caught playing in a game while under suspension, shall have his suspension doubled and his team will default any games that he has participated in. Team Representative will also be suspended.

cc)    When a player is questioned as to his identity by either other players, referees, or the scorekeepers, he will be required to produce photo identification to the scorekeepers and referees. If he is unable to do so, he is not eligible to participate in that game.

dd) All requests for player identification must be done during the game ONLY. No request shall be honoured if the final buzzer for the game has sounded.

a.     Players are allowed to go to their dressing room to get their photo identification but play will continue. At the first stoppage of the photo identification can be checked. If a player cannot, or refuses to produce photo identification at the time it is requested he will be required to sign the back of the gamesheet and clearly print his name and birthday. Refusing to sign will deem him illegal and the game will be forfeited to the other team.

b.     When a player’s identity has been questioned, it is the responsibility of his team to assist in getting him properly identified (verbal affirmation of player’s identity by any person on the team will not be accepted). Failure to do so or any attempt to disrupt this process, i.e. players failure to leave the ice, the game will be suspended by the referees and game awarded to the opposing team.

c.     Only reasonable requests for photo identification will be completed by officials. Ie: requests for numerous players’ identification will not be tolerated and will result in delay of game penalties.

ee) Penalty Caps Suspensions (include misconduct penalties):

a.     40 PIM – 2 games

b.      50 PIM – 3 games

c.       60 PIM – suspended for remainder of season

ff)     Teams which accumulate more than 350 penalty minutes during the regular season will be required to post a $500 bond for the following season. This bond will be returned to the team at the conclusion of the season if this team completes the regular season with less than 350 penalty minutes.



j)        The All Cal Hockey League abides by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association’s Official Hockey Rules except for amendments in these Rules and Regulations.

k)      All players, coaches, managers and spectators within the All Cal Hockey League attend at their own risk of personal loss, damage, or injury, however caused.

l)        Generally accepted practices and policies of adult recreational ice hockey are adhered to by the All Cal Hockey League.

m)    Is it the objective of the All Cal Hockey League to promote and expand adult recreational hockey within the City of Calgary. Sportsmanship and responsibility are expected from all associated members to help reach this goal.

n)      The interpretation and enforcement of these Rules and Regulations is to be at the discretion of the management of the All Cal Hockey League.

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